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Summary of additional tickets available for Single Ticket Sales as at 23 January 2006

Listed below is a summary of additional tickets that will be made available by Melbourne 2006 at 9am AEDST 23 January 2006. These tickets are being newly released, and are in addition to those tickets currently on sale. Included in these newly released tickets are tickets to sessions that have previously been unavailable.
These figures will not be updated and are accurate as at 23 January 2006.

For the latest information of ticket availability, please visit the the Ticketing section of this website.

Event totals below are consolidated totals and do not represent a session by session availability, except in the case of the Ceremonies totals which represent single sessions.

Event Additional tickets for sale from 9am AEDST 23 January 2006
Opening Ceremony 7,409
Closing Ceremony 8,253
Aquatics - Diving 280
Aquatics - Swimming 2,703 
Aquatics - Synchronised Swimming -
Athletics 69,224
Badminton 3,190
Regional Basketball 2,772
Basketball - MPV -
Boxing 3,978
Cycling - Track 1,265
Cycling - Mountain Bike -
Gymnastics - Artistic 4,840
Gymnastics - Rhythmic 3,665 
Hockey 23,318
Lawn Bowls 605
Netball -
Rugby 7s 22,074
Shooting - Clay Target 1,468
Shooting - Full Bore 183
Shooting - Small Bore/Pistol 68
Squash 3,211
Table Tennis 1,292
Weightlifting 1,894
All events combined total 161,692 

Go to the Ticketing section for more ticketing options and information.
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