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Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games Conditions of Single Ticket Sales


1. All ticket purchases are subject to these Conditions of Single Ticket Sales and the Conditions of Attendance, which are available on the website or at the entry to venues. You may also request a copy of the Conditions of Attendance by calling 1300 00 2006.

2. By purchasing a ticket and/or attending an event of the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games (“the Games”), you are deemed to have accepted all applicable conditions and any accompanying risks, obligations and responsibilities.

3. You must not, without the prior written consent of Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games Corporation (“M2006”), sell or distribute tickets above their face value, or use them for advertising, promotion or other commercial purposes.

4. Breach of a condition may:
(a) result in refusal of entry to a venue;
(b) lead to you being evicted from the venue;
(c) result in cancellation of the ticket and/or non-refund of the price of the ticket; or
(d) constitute an offence under the Sports Event Ticketing (Fair Access) Act 2002 (Vic).

5. If you are under 18 years of age at the time of purchase, you may only purchase tickets under the supervision and with the permission of your parent(s) or guardian(s).

6. All dates, times, events and venues of every session are as specified on the website from time to time and may change without notice to you. Your entitlement to a refund or exchange in these circumstances is set out elsewhere in these conditions and in the M2006 Refund and Exchange Policy described in clause 19.

7. Games-related indicia and images are protected under the Commonwealth Games Arrangements Act 2001 (Vic), the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games (Indicia and Images) Protection Act 2005 (Cth) and other State and Commonwealth law. Unauthorised use of Games-related indicia and images may lead to you being refused entry to the venue, or evicted from the venue.

Ticket Sales

8. Tickets may be purchased from the official M2006 website, from official Ticketmaster or M2006 outlets, or by calling 1300 00 2006 from 15 October 2005.

9. Tickets will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to availability. There are no refunds or exchanges, except as set out in clauses 19 to 23 below. For more details, please see the M2006 Refund and Exchange Policy described in clause 19.

Price and payment

10. Ticket prices include taxes, fees and charges, and also public transport for each ticket holder on the day of the event on metropolitan Melbourne’s trains, trams and buses that accept Metcard.

11. You may only purchase tickets from the official M2006 website or over the telephone by credit card. You may purchase tickets from official Ticketmaster or M2006 outlets by cash or credit card. Accepted credit cards are Visa, MasterCard and Bankcard.

12. If insufficient funds are available or if payment cannot be completed in full your transaction will not be completed and will be void.

Ticket dispatch

13. Tickets purchased through the official M2006 website or by telephone will be dispatched to the address of the credit card holder from December 2005.

14. Changes to address details may be made by emailing or mailing details to Ticketing, Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games Corporation, PO Box 5206, South Melbourne, VIC 3205.

15. Tickets purchased from official Ticketmaster or M2006 outlets will be issued at the time of purchase.


16. Children two years of age or under at the time of the Games will be admitted free of charge to venues but must not occupy a seat and are only permitted to sit on the lap of a parent or guardian. If you require a seat for a child under two years old, you must purchase a ticket for that child. Parents or guardians are responsible for the behaviour of children under the age of two.

17. If you hold a valid companion card (or recognised equivalent) you are entitled to an additional ticket provided free of charge for your personal carer, who must be with you at all times at the venue. You must request a ticket for your carer and present a valid companion card (or recognised equivalent) as evidence of your entitlement at the time of purchase. Please call M2006 on 1300 00 2006 if you require additional information about accessibility.

18. Individual sessions are designated as reserved seating or general admission.

Replacements, refunds and exchanges

19. Once you have purchased tickets, you cannot cancel, change or otherwise reject your tickets. Refunds and exchanges are allowed only as expressed in these Conditions of Single Ticket Sales or as required by law. Your rights to refunds or exchanges are described in more detail in the M2006 Refund and Exchange Policy, a copy of which can be obtained by contacting M2006 on 1300 00 2006 or on the website M2006 is not obliged to replace tickets under any circumstances, including, but not limited to, loss or theft. M2006 reserves the right, however, to replace a ticket which has been lost or stolen and charge a fee for that replacement, in its sole discretion.

20. M2006 will refund the face value of the ticket to the original purchaser only if:
(a) the ticket is for a session which is cancelled prior to the advertised start time and cannot be rescheduled;
(b) the Games in their entirety are cancelled; or
(c) you are entitled to a refund by virtue of the operation of the Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cth), the Fair Trading Act 1999 (Vic) or equivalent State legislation.

For a full description of when you are entitled to a refund or exchange, please refer to the M2006 Refund and Exchange Policy by contacting M2006 on 1300 00 2006 or consult the website

21. If a session is rescheduled prior to the advertised start time to another date or venue, you may either:
(a) use your existing ticket for the rescheduled session where the venue has not changed; or
(b) where the venue has changed, exchange your ticket for a ticket of the same or lower face value, subject to availability, either to the rescheduled session or to an alternative event.

Tickets may be exchanged in person at an authorised Games ticket exchange location. You must provide the original ticket at the time of exchange. To obtain further information relating to rescheduled sessions, contact M2006 on 1300 00 2006 or consult the M2006 website at within a reasonable period of time before the rescheduled session. In addition, please refer to clause 19 for the M2006 Refund and Exchange Policy.

22. If you choose to exchange your ticket for a ticket of lower face value, you agree not to claim the difference between the tickets as a debt owing to you by M2006.

23. You cannot exchange your ticket and you cannot obtain a refund if:
(a) after a session has started it is cancelled for any reason, including due to inclement weather;
(b) the time of, participants competing in, or events included in a session change after the date you purchased your ticket;
(c) the participants competing in an event or session change at any time without notice, whether through unavailability, injury, illness or for any other reason;
(d) you experience a change in personal circumstances; or
(e) you change your mind.

24. M2006 accepts no responsibility for stolen or counterfeit tickets purchased or obtained through unauthorised sources. Spectators in possession of tickets that are counterfeit or have been reported as lost or stolen will be refused entry or removed from the venue at M2006’s sole discretion.


25. Conditions of Attendance apply to every person attending an event at the Games. See clause 1 above for information about where to obtain the Conditions of Attendance.

26. M2006 reserves the right, with reasonable cause, to refuse entry to any ticket holder or remove any ticket holder from a venue.

27. Restrictions apply to the items which you may bring into venues, and the activities which you may undertake in and around venues. For details, see the Conditions of Attendance.

28. By attending an event, you agree that any photograph, film or other images of you taken whilst at a venue or on behalf of M2006 may be published, broadcast or otherwise distributed by M2006 or a third party worldwide in any media (with or without identification).

29. Tickets that are unreadable due to mutilation of any kind will not be accepted.


30. The personal information collected from you when you purchase tickets shall be used for the purpose of allocation and distribution of tickets and for the administration of the Games. Additional information may be sent to you by M2006 if you agree. More information about your privacy rights are available by viewing the M2006 Privacy Policy on

31. The Conditions of Single Ticket Sales:
(a) are governed by the laws of the State of Victoria; and
(b) do not exclude or derogate from terms implied by law which cannot be excluded.

32. M2006 will not be liable for any delay in performing its obligations under these Conditions of Single Ticket Sales where such delay is beyond its reasonable control.

36. The Games are a declared event under the Sports Event Ticketing (Fair Access) Act 2002 (Vic). Compliance with the Commonwealth Games ticketing scheme, approved under this Act, will be monitored by Consumer Affairs Australia.
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