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Group Ticketing

Group Ticket Offer Information logo. The Games are now complete and the following information is for reference purposes only.

For every 20 tickets purchased per session in the one price level before 30 November 2005, Woolworths provided at their cost two additional tickets to the same session in the same price level (subject to availability).

View the Group Ticket Offer Organisers Booklet for details of the offer.

The Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games is a great opportunity to celebrate with school friends, sporting partners, community groups and your local social club in what will be the event of a lifetime.

Australians love to attend sporting events with friends, and in large numbers. So Melbourne 2006 offered ticket packages of 20 or more to Eligible Groups and organisations to attend a range of sports and sessions.

View the range of available tickets in the Group Ticket Offer: The Eligible Groups that were allowed to apply for tickets in the Group Ticket Offer are:
  • schools;
  • local councils;
  • sporting associations;
  • formal community groups; and
  • formal, non-commercial, non-profit social groups.
If you are an Eligible Group, you were allowed to enter the Group Ticket Offer and request large ticket allotments under the following rules:
  • a minimum 20 tickets per session in a single price level;
  • no maximum number of tickets (subject to Games organiser's approval);
  • tickets sold on a first come, first served basis;
  • payment made in full at the time of purchase.
The Games reserves the right to seek evidence from any group applying for tickets in the Group Ticket Offer that claims to be within the definition of Eligible Group, and may require an undertaking that it will use the tickets only for non-commercial purposes.

The following will not be Eligible Groups and were expressly excluded from the Group Ticket Offer unless otherwise authorised in writing by Melbourne 2006:
  • ticket re-sellers;
  • organisations which provide marketing, promotion and/or entertainment services;
  • corporate clubs/societies; and
  • any organisation which competes with a Games sponsor.
The Group Ticket Offer Organisers Booklet, which includes the Official Group Ticket Offer Order Form, includes a schedule of available tickets and ticket prices. The booklet will be distributed directly to Victorian schools and community groups as well as nationally to sporting clubs.

View the Group Ticket Offer Organisers Booklet for details of the offer.

The Official Group Ticket Offer Order Form and booklet began distribution on 25 July 2005 and ticket requests are processed on a first come, first served basis, commencing 8 August 2005. All ticket requests are subject to availability. Where a Group Ticket order could not be fulfilled due to unavailability of tickets, a Customer Service Representative contacted the appointed group organiser with alternative ticket options.

Please view the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games Conditions of Group Ticket Offer on the Melbourne 2006 Website.

View the range of available tickets in the Group Ticket Offer:
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