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Ticket Purchase Policy summary -- Families of Competing Athletes

The Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games Organisers (M2006) are committed to ensuring that the families of competing athletes have an opportunity to purchase Games tickets for sessions that a family member will compete in.

M2006 and the Australian Commonwealth Games Association (ACGA) have worked together to forecast approximate team sizes per sport and using this information M2006 has preserved an allocation of tickets for each session specifically for families of competing athletes to purchase. This preserved allocation is limited to a maximum of four tickets per athlete and per session that the athlete will compete in, and final numbers are subject to the M2006 'Families of Competing Athletes' policy.

If the family members of athletes feel it is important to secure Games tickets to certain sessions prior to the Australian team being selected, they may choose to enter the Ticket Ballot under exactly the same terms and conditions as any other Australian.
  • Those family members of athletes who choose to enter the Ticket Ballot should wait until the results of the Ticket Ballot are announced in May 2005 and if they have been unsuccessful in the Ticket Ballot applications, should contact their National Sports Organisation (NSO) with their ticket request and for any other further information.
  • The NSO will submit a consolidated request for tickets, including payment, for that particular sport to the ACGA.
  • The ACGA will consolidate all ticket requests, including payment, from all NSO’s and then submit a single consolidated request for tickets for all sports to M2006.
Please note:
  • Access to tickets for families of competing athletes will be subject to availability and special conditions may apply.
  • Tickets purchased by families of competing athletes (or any other member of the public) via the Ticket Ballot will not be exchangeable or refundable.
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