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Table Tennis Rules and Equipment


Table Tennis requires fast reflexes and speed across the court. There are three types of teams in Table Tennis – singles, doubles and mixed.


Using small, solid racquets, one team serves the ball across the net and the opposing team hits it back until a team fails to return the ball.

If the ball hits the net on a serve, it is called a ‘let.’ No points are lost for a let.


If the ball does not land on the opponent’s side of the net, it is called a ‘fault.’ A point is lost for each fault.



The player must be positioned behind the end line for the serve.


The ball should be thrown to a height of around 16cm above the table surface and after being hit, should bounce once on the server’s side of the net before bouncing on the opponent’s side.



The first team to score 11 points is deemed the winner. If the score reaches 10-10, the first team to score 2 points will be the winner.



Made of wood, the racquet head is covered with a layer of rubber.


There are no size or weight restrictions so Table Tennis racquets are generally varied in these elements. They are colloquially referred to as paddles.



A Table Tennis table is 274cm long, 152cm wide and 76cm high. They generally have a dark green or blue coloured wooden top, however some tables are covered in a synthetic material. The choice of table top material is not restricted but the ball must bounce 23cm when the ball is dropped from a height of 30cm.



The ball is made from a lightweight plastic weighing 2.7g. It has a diameter of 40mm and is coloured white or orange depending on the colour of the table.

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