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Shooting Rules and Equipment


Clay target shooting

Trap and Double Trap Shooting
The trap event is named after the device that fires the clay targets into the air. A bank of three traps set at different heights and angles sits within a trench in front of each shooter.

In Double Trap, two targets are released simultaneously at different heights and angles from two of the three traps. The athlete must fire just one shot at each target, but must shoot both targets.

Pistol shooting

Competitors fire at a 10-ring target from a standing position in all Pistol events. The shooter must hold and fire the gun with one hand, with the wrist clearly free of support.

The pistol events include Air pistol (10m) for men and 25m and 50m events for both men and women using small-bore pistols.

25m Pistol for Women
Consists of a precision stage and a rapid fire stage. The precision event is six stages of five shots, with a time limit of five minutes for each stage.

Rapid fire consists of six series of five shots. In each series the target is shown for three seconds and rested for seven seconds. Only one shot can be fired at each showing. Athletes use a .22 calibre pistol for this event.

50m Pistol
This is a precision shooting men’s event. Athletes shoot a .22 calibre pistol from 50 metres at electronic precision targets that have a 50mm 10 ring.

Electronic targets will be used on the 50m range. The other pistol events will use paper targets.
The air pistol targets are called "returning targets" – the shooters control the targets themselves using controls located at their shooting position.

The scorer verifies the value of the shot using a "gauge". If the rim of the gauge touches the line when inserted in the bullet hole then the shot is scored at the higher value.

This is used to control the timing of the targets on the 25m range. It is set to the match series. When the start button is pressed, the timer cycles through the event allowing the targets to face for the required time and then to turn away.

Pistol shooters do not require special clothing, gloves or boots. Most wear flat-soled shoes for increased stability, and footwear must not extend above the shooter's ankle.

Special caps designed to limit the athlete's field of vision are common. Ear and eye protection are a necessity.

Spotting scopes allow athletes to view their targets in 25m and 50m competitions.


Air pistol
An Air pistol is used for 10m events.

Small-bore pistol
The small-bore pistol is used for 25m and 50m events.

Rifle shooting

Air Rifle
Air rifle is shot over a distance of 10m in a standing position at a target about the size of a 50 cent piece. The "bull” is half a millimetre in size.  Air Rifle is shot at an indoor range.

Smallbore Rifle
The smallbore is shot over a 50m distance lying down on an outdoor range. Athletes fire at a 10 ring target that is 11cm in diameter.

Fullbore Rifle
The basic principle is to shoot a piece of lead covered in copper, weighing about 10g, at a target almost a kilometre away, which has a bullseye the size of a dustbin lid.

Competitors frequently wear a cover over their "non-shooting" eye to prevent squinting. Special caps designed to limit the athlete's field of vision are common; ear and eye protection are a necessity.

In rifle events competitors must wear shooting attire made according to regulations and of a specified thickness and toughness of material including:
• shooting jacket.
• shooting trousers.
• shooting shoes.
• shooting gloves.

Competitors also usually wear a hat, ear-muffs and enclosed footwear like boots.


This includes a rifle, ammunition, sights (fore and rear), glove, sling and other optional hardware. There is also cleaning, and reloading equipment which most regular shooters use.

Other equipment includes a shooting mat which has rubber grip padding, and a powerful telescope to see where shots have hit the target.

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