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Shooting History

Canadian Shooting veteran Susan Nattrass takes aim during the Athens Olympics.

Canadian Shooting veteran Susan Nattrass takes aim during the Athens Olympics.

Shooting first appeared on the Commonwealth Games program at the 1966 Games in Kingston, Jamaica, and has since been in the 1974, 1978, 1982, 1986, 1994, 1998 and 2002 Games.

In 1966, there were six events in pistol and rifle, but with the introduction of trap and skeet in 1974, nine gold medals became available.

At Brisbane 1982, Air Rifle and Team events were added along with a greater split between Men's and Women's events, taking the number of gold medals on offer to 31 and, in 1998 at Kuala Lumpur, some extra Smallbore Rifle events extended the program to 40 medal events.

In Previous Games

Australia, India and England claimed the bulk of the medals at Manchester 2002, although Canada and South Africa also had a good deal of success.

Australia won 30 medals (11 gold, 13 silver, 6 bronze), India 24 (14 gold, 7 silver, 3 bronze), England 18 (5 gold, 5 silver, 8 bronze), Canada 11 (4 gold, 3 silver, 4 bronze) and South Africa 11 (6 silver, 5 bronze).

Fifteen nations shared in the medals, including Cyprus, Bangladesh, Malta and Namibia.

At Melbourne 2006

As at Manchester, there are 40 gold medal events on the Shooting program for Melbourne 2006, divided into four disciplines: Clay Target (12 gold medals), Pistol (14 gold medals), Small Bore and Air Rifle (12 gold medals) and Full Bore Rifle (2 gold medals).

The competition is conducted in accordance with the rules of the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF). In all except the Full Bore Rifle, competition consists of a qualification and a final round, with the score in the final round added to the competitor's score in the qualification rounds to determine the winner.

Clay Target Shooting will take place at the Melbourne Gun Club at Lilydale (GCL), a picturesque venue in the Yarra Valley. Trap, Skeet and Double Trap events will be contested by Men and Women both individually and in pairs.

Melbourne International Shooting Club (ISC), Port Melbourne, will host both the Pistol and Small Bore and Air Rifle competitions. It is a small venue with very limited spectator capacity.

There are five individual Men's Pistol events and five for pairs and two individual and two pairs events for Women.

Small Bore and Air Rifle features the same three events - 10m Air Rifle, 50m Rifle 3 Position and 50m Rifle Prone - for Men and Women individually and in pairs.

The Wellsford Rifle Range (WRR) in the regional city of Bendigo will see the two Full Bore Rifle events contested in an Australian bush setting. The Singles and Pairs events are Open, allowing men and women to compete.

What's New

There are no major changes in Shooting for these Games.

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