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Lawn Bowls Rules and Equipment


Lawn Bowls can be played as singles or as double or triple teams.


A coin is flipped to determine which team bowls first.


One player from each team takes a turn at rolling their bowl down the green towards the jack - a small white ball sometimes called a kitty - that is placed on the centre line.


The aim is to get your bowls closest to the jack.

Once all players have rolled their bowls, it is called an ‘end’.

The player or team who can get a bowl closest to the jack wins the end.
The winner of the end scores one point for each bowl that is closer to the jack than the opposing team's closest bowl.

This is repeated until a team scores the required number of points or until the required number of ends have been achieved.


The green is divided into sections called ‘rinks’. Each rink is marked out by pegs indicating the boundary lines. If a bowl rolls outside the boundary line it is considered dead and removed from the game. If the jack rolls outside the boundary line, it is placed 1.5m from the centre line on the side it crossed the boundary line. 



Bowls are spherical balls with the sides cut so that they bulge slightly and roll in a curve. This bulge is called the bias. Generally made of wood, bowls are available in a variety of sizes and colours ranging between 12 and 14.5cm in diameter. They must not weigh more than 1.5kg. Players choose their bowls based on the condition of the green.



The jack is much smaller than a bowl, weighing between 200 and 300g with a diameter of 6.3cm. It is either white or yellow in colour.



The green is a large rectangular lawn area divided into six sections called ‘rinks’. Each rink is 5.8m wide and 31-40m long. At both ends is a ditch filled with sand, designed to catch the jack or any bowls that may run off the rink.

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