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Hockey History

Pakistani Hockey player Sarwar Muhammad  at the 2002 Hockey World Cup in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Pakistani Hockey player Sarwar Muhammad  at the 2002 Hockey World Cup in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Hockey competitions for both men and women have been held at the past two Commonwealth Games following the introduction of team sports in Kuala Lumpur in 1998.

Both inaugural gold medals were won by Australia - the men defeating Malaysia in the gold-medal match and the women too good for England. England won the men's bronze and New Zealand the women's.

In Previous Games

India took over the mantle of Women's Commonwealth Champions after defeating England in extra time 3 goals to 2. After Australia's gold-medal performance in Kuala Lumpur the previous champions had to settle for bronze defeating New Zealand 4-3.

The Australian Men's Hockey Team continued its excellent Commonwealth Games form with a 5-2 win over New Zealand in the final. In the bronze-medal game, Pakistan showed why they are considered one of the most dangerous teams in Commonwealth, downing South Africa 10-2.

At Melbourne 2006

Participation at M2006 is determined by the FIH World Rankings. Both the men's and women's top 10 Commonwealth countries, as at March 2005, qualified and accepted the invitation to compete in Melbourne.

Seven of the top 12 men's teams and five of the top 12 women's teams in the world are from Commonwealth nations.

Men's and Women's competition will both feature two pools of five teams, with the top two in each pool qualifying for semi finals. The winners of those semi finals will play in the gold-medal match while the semi final losers will meet for the bronze medal. The remainder of teams will play simple pool cross over matches for rankings for 5-10

The State Netball Hockey Centre (SNH), the headquarters of hockey in Victoria, is located in delightful parkland setting which was redeveloped in 2001 for the Commonwealth Games.

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