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Boxing History

England's Darren Barker, gold medallist at the 2002 Manchester Games in the Mens Light Welterweight Division (63.5kg).

England's Darren Barker, gold medallist at the 2002 Manchester Games in the Mens Light Welterweight Division (63.5kg). 

Boxing has appeared on the program of every Commonwealth Games, with the program changed only through the addition of new weight categories and the conversion of weight divisions from pounds to kilograms in 1970.

English boxers claimed five of the eight gold medals on offer at the first British Empire Games in Hamilton, Canada, in 1930.

The number of weight divisions soon expanded from eight to 10 for the Vancouver Games of 1954, then 11 for the 1970 Games in Edinburgh and 12 with the addition of the Super Heavyweight category when the Games returned to Edinburgh in 1986.

In Previous Games

Of the 12 gold medals awarded in Boxing at Manchester 2002, Australia claimed three, Canada and England two each and India, Zambia, Nigeria, Wales and Pakistan one each.

Overall, England won seven Boxing medals (2 gold, 3 silver, 2 bronze) as did Canada (2 gold, 2 silver, 3 bronze), Australia (3 gold, 1 bronze) and Nigeria (1 gold, 3 bronze) four each and India (1, 1, 1), Zambia (1, 1, 1) and South Africa (0, 1, 2) three each.

At Melbourne 2006

All bouts in the Boxing competition will be contested at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre (EXC), with gold medals available in 11 weight divisions, from Light Flyweight (48kg) to Super Heavyweight (over 91kg). Each country can nominate up to 11 boxers.

The competition is conducted according to the rules of the International Amateur Boxing Association (AIBA) and follows a knockout format, with the winner of each bout progressing to the next round and the loser eliminated. There are no seedings and a random draw determines opponents in each weight category.

As bronze medals are awarded to the losers of the semi-final bouts, there will be 44 medals awarded.

What's New

Boxing's open scoring system will be used at the Commonwealth Games for the first time.

With the elimination of the Light Middleweight (71kg) category, there are only two divisions between Lightweight (60kg) and Middleweight (75kg), where there were three for the previous five Games, including Manchester.

As a result the Light Welterweight limit changes slightly from 63.5kg to 64kg while the Welterweight limit is up from 67kg to 69kg.

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