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Badminton Rules and Equipment


There are three types of teams in Badminton – singles, doubles and mixed.


With one team on each end of the net, they hit the shuttlecock with their racquets across the court to land on their opponent’s side of the net.


A point is scored when an athlete misses the shuttlecock or the shuttlecock does not cross to their opponent's side of the net.


In the women’s event, the first to reach eleven points is the winner whereas the first to reach fifteen points in the men’s event is deemed the winner.

A new scoring system has been brought into play for the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games. As of the 1 February 2006, either player can win a point on the serve regardless of which player actually served.


The first team or player to score 21 points wins the game.


A match is the best of three games.


If the score reaches 20-20, to win the game one team or player must have a two point lead.


If the score reaches 29-29, then the next team or player to score a point wins.



Each shuttle is made up of a cork base with sixteen goose feathers attached to the base. The feathers can be of varied length. To ensure the shuttlecock flies to its best ability, the feathers must come from the same wing of three to four geese. The shuttlecock must weigh between 4.74 and 5.50 grams.



The racquet is made up of a handle and a stringed head. They are made from lightweight materials such as aluminium, graphite and titanium and weigh between 85 and 140 grams. It should have a maximum length of 68cm and a maximum width of 23cm. 

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