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Aquatics Synchronised Swimming Rules and Equipment


Synchronised swimming can be performed by an individual, as a duet or by a team.


Each choreographed routine consists of a technical routine (pre-set moves to music) and a free routine (no musical or choreographic restrictions).


Competitors can be disqualified or penalised for touching the bottom of the pool, failing to complete all required elements of the technical routine, not performing all elements of the technical routine simultaneously, exceeding specific time limits or if they stop swimming.



Judging is based on technical merit and artistic impression and is assessed by two panels of five judges. Technical merit includes how the routine is executed, synchronisation and an overall impression. Artistic impression includes how the moves are choreographed and the choice of music.



Each panel accounts for half of the individual, duet or team’s mark. Both panels tally their results to form the final score.


Time limits

Competitors have:


-         30 seconds to walk to the deck.

-         2 minutes to perform the individual technical routine.

-         2 minutes and 20 seconds to perform the duet technical routine.

-         3 minutes to perform the individual free routine.

-         3 minutes and 30 seconds to perform the duet free routine.


Nose clips are required to help the competitors stay underwater for periods of time and prevent water from entering their noses.


Swimming suits should not be transparent or distasteful.


Waterproof makeup is used to complement the routine and gelatine helps keep the hair tidy and in place.


Goggles and jewellery are not permitted.


Water temperature must be at 26 degrees, give or take 1 degree.

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