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Wales crowned 1500m champion

21 Mar 06 08:08

Welsh Swimmer David Davies
splashes with delight after
winning the Men's 1500m
Freestyle event.

On the last night of competition in the pool, Wales staked its claim on an Australian icon by winning gold in the Men’s 1500m Freestyle.

David Davies held his position from the outset to swim under 15 minutes in 14:57.63.

Andrew Hurd from Canada touched second in 15:09.44 and South Africa’s Hercules Prinsloo finished in 15:11.88 to take bronze.

Australia has owned the 1500m since 1958 when John Konrads won the event in Cardiff.

The Games record still stands at 14:41.66, set by Australia’s Kieren Perkins in 1994.

Regardless, the crowd acknowledged the Welshman’s classy performance.

The night finished with Australia, England and Scotland going one, two and three in the 4x100m Medley Relay.

Setting another Games record of 3:34.37, the winning team of Matt Welsh, Brenton Rickard, Michael Klim and Eamon Sullivan defended Manchester title.

Rickard swam a strong Breaststroke and Klim’s Butterfly was aggressive and determined.

After winning gold a delighted Matt Welsh said: “It took a while but it came about. I’m not sure I’ve been so emotional after a win.”

The 50m Freestyle was won by South Africa’s Roland Schoeman.

Beating his own Games record, which he set in Manchester, Schoeman swam 22.03, followed by Brent Hayden of Canada and Australia’s Brett Hawke.

After the race, Hawke announced his retirement.
"I feel good. I've achieved a lot in my career," he explained.

Having already achieved bronze in the 100m, a confident Schoeman said: "I am an animal. I'm feeling better, I'm feeling good, I've put my game phase on."

It was a fight to the end for gold, silver and bronze in the 200m Breaststroke with only .03 seconds separating first, second and third.

Australia’s Jim Piper led until the last 25m, before being overtaken by Canada’s Michael Brown and teammate Brenton Rickard. Piper finished third.

Brown set a new Games record at 2:12.23. The current record had been held by England’s Nick Gillingham since 1994.

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