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Canada's golden night

24 Mar 06 19:23

Tony Ally (L) and Mark Shipman of England won silver in Men's 3m synchronised Springboard. One of Ally's dives scored the perfect 10.

Tony Ally (L) and Mark Shipman of England won silver in Men's 3m synchronised Springboard. One of Ally's dives scored the perfect 10.

It was a golden night for Canada in the diving on Day nine of the Games after the nation snapped up two gold medals - one in the Women's 1m Springboard Final and the second in the Men's 3m Synchronised Springboard Final.

Day ten looks set to be equally as exciting in the Women's 3m Springboard and Men's 10m Platform with Canadian's Blythe Hartley and Alexandre Despatie both qualifying in the preliminary rounds in first position for the final.

England's Tony Ally and Mark Shipman edged out Australia's Steven Barnett and Robert Newbery last night for silver to claim England's second diving medal of the Commonwealth Games after Ally and Shipman's final dive was judged as a perfect 10 by the Australian official.

It was seen as an appropriate reward for Ally who after a long and distinguished career diving for England may well retire after these Games, but not lost to the sport as he will continue to be involved in a coaching role.

Canadian duo Arturo Miranda and Alexandre Despatie won well-deserved gold with 444.87 points, with Australian Barnett and Newbery's score of 421.35 good enough for bronze.

In the Final of the Women's 1m Springboard, the dominant contender all night was Canada's Blythe Hartley.

Hartley, who went into the Final as favourite after her strong Preliminary round performance, did not slip from top spot all night to win with an impressive score of 644.65 points.

Australian Sharleen Stratton amassed 596.45 to clinch the silver medal, while her teammate Kathryn Blackshaw (544.40) nailed her round two dive to overtake South African Jenna Dreyer, and consequently take the bronze.

On the tenth day of the Games, Australia and Canada will again battle it out, this time in the Women’s 3m Springboard.

After a sixth placing in Montreal’s 2005 World Championship, Canada’s Blythe Stanley will be seen as a seasoned campaigner, having already tasted the flavour of gold in the 1m Springboard last night.

Competition for her will come from team-mate Emilie Heymans who won silver in this event in Manchester, as well as a third placing in the 1m Platform in these games.

The Australians Chantelle Newbury and Sharleen Stratton will be digging deep into their diving skill-set to stamp their authority on this event.

Stratton is ranked eighth in the world, whilst Newberry won silver at the Kuala Lumpur Games in 1998.

Both divers will be looking forward to adding to their trophy cabinet after Newberry won gold in the Synchronised 10m Platform, with Loudy Tourky, and Stratton with team-mate Bree Cole adding gold in the 3m Springboard, and silver in the Women’s Individual 1m Springboard.
Other divers to watch include Canada’s Melani Renaldi and England’s Tandi Indergaard.

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