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Nationality England Flag ENG England
Birth Date 12/12/1977
Gender Men
Height (m / in) 1.96/6'5''
Weight (kg / lbs) 96/212
Events Inscribed   Athletics Men's Decathlon 110m Hurdles
Athletics Men's Decathlon 1500m
Athletics Men's Decathlon Shot Put
Athletics Men's Decathlon Discus Throw
Athletics Men's Decathlon Javelin Throw
Athletics Men's Decathlon Long Jump
Athletics Men's Decathlon High Jump
Athletics Men's Decathlon Pole Vault
Athletics Men's Decathlon
Athletics Men's Decathlon 100m
Athletics Men's Decathlon 400m
Medals Won GOLD Medal GOLD -  Men's Decathlon

Date Venue Event Country - Name Results Status
20 Mar
MCG Men's Decathlon 100m
Combined- Heat 1
England Flag ENG  - MACEY Dean (5) 11.17 Completed
20 Mar
MCG Men's Decathlon Long Jump
Combined- Group
England Flag ENG  - MACEY Dean (2) 7.28 Completed
20 Mar
MCG Men's Decathlon Shot Put
Combined- Group
England Flag ENG  - MACEY Dean (1) 15.83 Completed
20 Mar
MCG Men's Decathlon High Jump
Combined- Group
England Flag ENG  - MACEY Dean (1) 2.08 Completed
20 Mar
MCG Men's Decathlon 400m
Combined- Heat 2
England Flag ENG  - MACEY Dean (3) 49.63 Completed
21 Mar
MCG Men's Decathlon 110m Hurdles
Combined- Heat
England Flag ENG  - MACEY Dean (5) 14.94 Completed
21 Mar
MCG Men's Decathlon Discus Throw
Combined- Group
England Flag ENG  - MACEY Dean (3) 46.76 Completed
21 Mar
MCG Men's Decathlon Pole Vault
Combined- Group
England Flag ENG  - MACEY Dean (1) 4.70 Completed
21 Mar
MCG Men's Decathlon Javelin Throw
Combined- Group
England Flag ENG  - MACEY Dean (4) 56.93 Completed
21 Mar
MCG Men's Decathlon 1500m
Combined- Heat
England Flag ENG  - MACEY Dean (3) 4:34.22 Completed

Place Of Birth Rochford, Essex, England
Residence Canvey Island, Essex, England
Occupation Athlete
International Debut 1999 (2nd in the Decathlon, World Championships)
Coach Greg Richards
Club Harrow Athletics Club
Recent Results 4th in the Decathlon - 8414 (Olympic Games, Athens, Greece, 24-Aug-2004)

1st in the Decathlon - 7842 (Hexham, England, 18-Jul-2004)
Games History
has not competed
Games History
Athens 2004
4th in the Decathlon (8414 pts)

Sydney 2000
4th in the Decathlon (8567 pts)
Injuries Dean tore his right hamstring during the 1997 European Under-23 Championships. 1998/9, Dean had a stress fracture of the foot, that required a bone graft screwed in place by a metal plate. At the Sydney Olympics, Dean showed his competitive ability by taking fourth place in the decathlon, despite being restricted by a troublesome elbow. At the World Championships in 2001, Dean again showed his capacity by competing with a significant groin injury, however, his arm injury restricted him further. He was even forced to withdraw from the Manchester Games in 2002 due to an hamstring injury. A knee problem has plagued him in 2005.
Other Personal Best:
Decathlon - 8603 (Edmonton, Canada, 07-Aug-2001)
100m - 10.69 (Seville, Spain, 24-Aug-1999)
100m - 10.65w (Arles, France, 29-May-1999)
400m - 46.21 (Edmonton, Canada, 06-Aug-2001)
1500m - 4:23.45 (Sydney, Australia, 28-Sep-2000)
110m Hurdles - 14.34 (Edmonton, Canada, 07-Aug-2001)
High Jump - 2.15 (Edmonton, Canada, 06-Aug-2001)
Pole Vault - 4.80 (Sydney, Australia, 28-Sep-2000)
Long Jump - 7.77 (Sydney, Australia, 27-Sep-2000)
Triple Jump - 14.26 (Birmingham, England, 30-Jul-1994)
Triple Jump - 14.53w (Luton, England, 01-May-1994)
Shot Put - 15.77 (Harrow, England, 21-Jul-2001)
Discus - 48.34 (Athens, Greece, 24-Aug-2004)
Javelin Throw - 64.03 (Seville, Spain, 25-Aug-1999)
DecJ - 7134 (Stoke-on-Trent, England, 17-Sep-1995)
OctY - 5311 (Birmingham, England, 18-Sep-1994)
Pen - 3126 (London, England, 24-Jul-1994)

Dean was heading for a possible gold or silver medal when he fell in the 110mH at the European Under-23 championships after a first-day score of 4358 and 'legal' pb's at 100m and long jump.

In 2000, Dean trained with the Olympic champion Erik Nool in Estonia.

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