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Melbourne 2006 Media Services Operational Arrangements - May 2005

Welcome to the third edition of the Media Services information Web page for the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games.

Over the past few months we have had an overwhelming response to our extensive Volunteer program, launched the international leg of the Queen’s Baton Relay and announced the most successful Ticket Ballot in Commonwealth Games history. We have been delighted with the support and interest in the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games from millions of fans across Australia and around the world.

These results bode well for a truly successful and colourful games.

Our professional support team from across the organisation is committed to ensuring your planning continues to run smoothly so that you are able to join us to cover all aspects of the games.

Once again, thank you for your support to date and we look forward to your coverage of the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games and in welcoming you to Melbourne, the world’s most liveable city.

Please do not hesitate to contact the team for answers to any of your operational questions.

With best wishes,

Charmaine Dobson
General Manager, Marketing & Communications

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The Commonwealth Games Travel Office (CGTO) has finalised its negotiations with media hotels. An email will be sent to our Media distribution list advising of the CGTO Website launch and the Media Access Code required to make a reservation. Media who have not been notified of the Media Access Code should contact the Commonwealth Games Travel Office to receive the access code.

There will be four designated media hotels, all within walking distance from the Main Press Centre. Prices start from AUD$103 per room per night for budget accommodation through to AUD$269 per room per night for superior style accommodation. Apartment options are also available.

Media seeking accommodation should log-on to CGTO or contact the CGTO on Tel: +61 3 9676 2438 Fax: +61 3 9645 6985 Email CGTO.

Rooms will be allocated to media in order of receipt of reservations.

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Expressions of Interest from Media to cover the Games
Expressions of interest are being accepted from all press and photographic media and non-rights holding broadcasters. You must include in a fax or email:
  • Organisation Name
  • Organisation Address
  • Organisation Point of Contact
  • Point of Contact Details (phone, e-mail address)
For international media the above should be emailed to Lauren Pritchard or fax +61 3 9613 2000.

For Australian media we are currently directing requests for media accreditation through to the Australian Commonwealth Games Association (ACGA). Please send your request to the ACGA or fax 03 9654 7311.

Key Dates
A list of key dates pertaining to Accreditation for Media categories are:

Activity Date
Expressions of Interest from Responsible Organisations (ROs) received ongoing
Media Applications for Accreditation forwarded to approved ROs 10 July 2005
Communication between RO's and M2006's Liaison Officers ongoing
Deadline for return of completed Application forms 7 November 2005
Media Accreditation Centre opens 1 March 2006

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The Main Press Centre (MPC) will operate from 5 March until 29 March with the hours of operation still to be determined.

Private Office Space
The Rate Card team encourages you to respond quickly to book your office space within the MPC for your preferred location. The office space is in modules of 20m2.

Expressions of Interest can be emailed to Michelle Simmons advising the anticipated number of offices you may require.

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Car Parking Expressions of Interest
Car Parking will be available via the Rate Card at the venues in the list below. To gauge the level of interest we are asking for expressions of interest to be emailed to Rebecca Kingshott advising the anticipated number of space at each venue you may require.

Parking available at:
  • Main Press Centre
  • Ballarat Minerdome Basketball Stadium
  • Bendigo Stadium
  • Geelong Arena
  • Melbourne Cricket Ground
  • Melbourne Exhibition & Convention Centre
  • Melbourne Gun Club
  • Melbourne International Shooting Club
  • Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre
  • Multi Purpose Venue, Olympic Park
  • Rod Laver Arena
  • Royal Botanical Gardens
  • State Lawn Bowls Centre
  • State Netball and Hockey Centre
  • Telstra Dome
  • Traralgon Sports Stadium
  • Wellsford Rifle Range
If you would like to obtain a copy of the Rate Card please email us or fax +61 3 9613 2000 with your details so a copy can be emailed or posted to you. Emailed copies will be in a PDF format.

The Rate Card Catalogue includes a list of the products and services available for rent or purchase, including consumables, during the Games and is also a comprehensive guide of the M2006 Procurement department’s policies and procedures for ordering electronically and manually, and conditions associated with rate card.

For further information on Rate Card email us.

Key Dates

Activity Date
Preliminary Rate Card Catalogue issued 1 April 2005
Ordering commences April 2005
50 per cent payment of total order due At time of ordering
Closing date for ordering items 14 October 2005
Final payment 18 November 2005

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Time Difference in Commonwealth Countries

Australia AEST (Daylight Saving) AEST
Antigua and Barbuda Less 15 hours Less 14 hours
Anguilla Less 15 hours Less 14 hours
Bahamas Less 16 hours Less 15 hours
Bangladesh Less 5 hours Less 4 hours
Barbados Less 15 hours Less 14 hours
Belize Less 17 hours Less 16 hours
Bermuda Less 15 hours Less 13 hours
Botswana Less 9 hours Less 8 hours
British Virgin Islands Less 15 hours Less 14 hours
Brunei Darussalam Less 3 hours Less 2 hours
Cameroon Less 10 hours Less 9 hours
Canada Less 14 – 18 hours Less 14 – 18 hours
Cayman Islands Less 15 hours Less 14 hours
Cook Islands Less 21 hours Less 20 hours
Cyprus Less 9 hours Less 8 hours
Dominica Less 15 hours Less 14 hours
England (London) Less 10 hours Less 10 hours
Falkland Islands Less 13 hours Less 13 hours
Fiji Plus 1 hour Plus 2 hours
Gambia Less 11 hours Less 10 hours
Ghana Less 11 hours Less 10 hours
Gibraltar Less 10 hours Less 7 hours
Grenada Less 15 hours Less 14 hours
Guernsey Less 11 hours Less 10 hours
Guyana Less 15 hours Less 14 hours
India Less 5 1/2 hours Less 4 1/2 hours
Isle of Man Less 11 hours Less 10 hours
Jamaica Less 16 hours Less 15 hours
Jersey Less 11 hours Less 10 hours
Kenya Less 6 hours Less 5 hours
Kiribati Plus 1 hour Plus 2 hours
Lesotho Less 9 hours Less 8 hours
Malawi Less 9 hours Less 8 hours
Malaysia Less 3 hours Less 2 hours
Maldives Less 6 hours Less 5 hours
Malta Less 10 hours Less 9 hours
Mauritius Less 7 hours Less 6 hours
Montserrat Less 15 hours Less 14 hours
Mozambique Less 9 hours Less 8 hours
Namibia Less 9 hours Less 8 hours
Nauru Plus 1 hour Plus 2 hours
New Zealand Plus 2 hours Plus 2 hours
Nigeria Less 10 hours Less 9 hours
Niue Less 22 hours Less 21 hours
Norfolk Island Plus 1 1/2 hours Plus 2 1/2 hours
Northern Ireland Less 11 hours Less 10 hours
Pakistan Less 6 hours Less 5 hours
Papua New Guinea Less 1 hour No difference
Samoa Less 22 hours Less 21 hours
Scotland Less 11 hours Less 10 hours
Seychelles Less 7 hours Less 6 hours
Sierra Leone Less 11 hours Less 10 hours
Singapore Less 3 hours Less 2 hours
Solomon Islands No difference Plus 1 hour
South Africa Less 9 hours Less 8 hours
Sri Lanka Less 5 hours Less 4 hours
St Helena Less 11 hours Less 10 hours
St Kitts and Nevis Less 15 hours Less 14 hours
St Lucia Less 15 hours Less 14 hours
St Vincent and The Grenadines Less 15 hours Less 14 hours
Swaziland Less 9 hours Less 8 hours
Tonga Plus 2 hours Plus 3 hours
Trinidad and Tobago Less 15 hours Less 14 hours
Turks and Caicos Islands Less 16 hours Less 15 hours
Tuvalu Plus 1 hour Plus 2 hours
Uganda Less 8 hours Less 7 hours
United Republic of Tanzania Less 8 hours Less 7 hours
Vanuatu No difference Plus 1 hour
Wales Less 11 hours Less 10 hours
Zambia Less 9 hours Less 8 hours

See the Melbourne 2006 Media Services Operational Arrangements - Useful Information document, and subsequent monthly Operational Arrangements updates, for detailed useful information.

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Head for the hills
An hour's drive from Melbourne, the Yarra Valley is home to Victoria’s earliest vineyards. World-class wineries offer cellar-door sales and tastings of hand-crafted wines, and stylish restaurants serving gourmet food and local produce. For a different spin on the Yarra Valley experience, take off in a hot air balloon with Global Ballooning at dawn and float across the valley, then return to earth gently and enjoy breakfast at one of the many wineries.

world class wineriesChardonnay, cabernet sauvignon and pinot noir are the Yarra Valley’s award-winning varieties. Explore famous wineries, with more than 35 cellar doors to choose from including the Australian base of French champagne house, Domaine Chandon, and local wineries like De Bortoli and Yering Station. Complementing the wines is a range of dining experiences from rustic Italian to exquisite restaurants. There is a flourishing U-Pick sector, where you can wander through farms and pick your own berries, fruit and vegetables. There is also a huge variety of ‘Farm Gate’ Taste and Buy outlets, where small local producers sell anything from free range eggs to honey, kiwi fruit wine to walnuts, chutney to fudge.

Tarrawarra Estate and Tarrawarra Museum of Art are located above a curved avenue of trees and a water-lilied lake. It is the first privately funded, significant public visual arts museum to be set up under the Australian Government's philanthropic measures and offers the public a chance to see Australian works of art primarily from the early 1950s to the present day. The estate also boasts a winery and café. Taste the delights of exceptional cheeses, venison and fruit from local food producers.

Also in the Yarra Valley is Healesville Sanctuary which offers visitors the opportunity to experience close encounters with native Australian wildlife including dingoes, kangaroos, wombats and platypus. Healesville Sanctuary is also home to the south eastern Red-tailed Black Cockatoo, the mascot for the Commonwealth Games known as Karak.

Useful websites:

It’s a goal!
Australian Rules football legend Harry ‘Soapy’ Vallence once observed that, “Melburnians would eat a football, boiled, fried or stewed – then suck on the lace.” Australian Rules, a unique 22 -a-side game, might be a local passion – but the same goes for all sport in Melbourne.

The Australian Football League or footy as the locals call it, is one of Melbournians favourite past time. Six million Australians watch the game each year and cheer their team on. There are 22 players to each team and 16 teams from around Australia, the aim of the game it to score as many goals as possible with an oval shaped ball made out of leather. The AFL season starts in March and runs through to September when the Grand Final is held between two qualifying teams at the home of football, the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

A museum dedicated to all that is football known as The AFL Hall of Fame opened in late 2004 in the centre of Melbourne. Locals love it and even if you don’t know much about the game the museum has interactive games and activities that will give you a good idea of what makes it an integral part of Australian life. A tribute to the history and heritage of the game and the Legends and Inductees, the Australian Football Hall of Fame is a world-class facility that will involve, inspire, educate and excite.

The AFL Sensation begins in The Locker Room. The visitor becomes an AFL ‘player’ just moments after triumphing in the Preliminary Final. The Virtual Coach and Team Manager review the game and outline the week ahead. Following on from that is the intense lead up to the Grand Final and what the player has to go through to make it there.

The visitor can also take on the role of television presenter and give their opinions to the camera in a mock interview with a coach. Admission to the museum costs AUD$22.50 per adult and AUD$12.50 per child. A family ticket (2 adults, 2 children) costs AUD$49.00.

Useful websites:


Marketing & Communications

Charmaine Dobson
General Manager, Marketing and Communications

Judy Goldman
Group Manager, Publicity and Media Issues

Michelle Coffey
Program Manager, Public Relations and Publicity
Email Michelle Coffey.

Media Services

Michelle Bartlett
Program Manager, Media Services
Email Michelle Bartlett.

Michelle Simmons
Program Coordinator, Media Services
Email Michelle Simmons.

Media Accreditation

Lauren Pritchard
Program Coordinator, Accreditation
Email Lauren Pritchard.

If there are any items of particular interest that you would like to see in this monthly update or for further information, please email Rebecca Kingshott.

We look forward to welcoming you to Australia, to cover the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games.

The information obtained in this update is true and correct as at the date of publishing on 1 May 2005.

Useful Websites
This Website is closed and for reference purposes only. To guarantee the stability of Games data, all external links are being removed.

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