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Melbourne 2006 Media Services Operational Arrangements - March 2005

Welcome to the Melbourne 2006 Media Services Operational Arrangements

Welcome to the inaugural Media Services information web page for the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games which will be updated on a monthly basis.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Main Press Centre in Melbourne in March 2006.

In anticipation of the many plans you will have to put in place to guarantee your successful coverage of the games, we will aim to provide as much information as possible to ensure a smooth planning schedule.

We have a team of people from across the organisation who are committed to ensure that your efforts to cover the games are as memorable and efficient as possible.

The Melbourne 2006 Media Services team is managed by Michelle Bartlett, a highly respected and experienced major events professional.

Our Media Editorial team is led by TV, Radio and Print journalist, Judy Goldman, who is committed to providing a first class service to industry colleagues, locally, nationally and internationally. You can phone Judy on +61 3 9613 2006 or email Judy.

Once again, we look forward to your coverage of the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games and in welcoming you to Melbourne, the world’s most liveable city.

Please do not hesitate to contact one of the team who will be able to provide an answer to any of your operational questions in a timely manner.

With best wishes,

Charmaine Dobson, General Manager, Marketing and Communications


It is anticipated that the Games Travel Office will have their website up and running in March 2005. The website will have all the information you will need about the facilities and standard of each hotel available as well as a comprehensive booking system.

If you require any information prior to the release of the website please email the Games Travel Office.

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Expressions of Interest from Media to cover the Games

We are currently accepting expressions of interest from all press and photographic media, and non-rights holding broadcasters. At a further date, we will be seeking approval from the respective Commonwealth Games Association (CGA) in regards to approvals to cover the event.

For your expression of interest, please ensure you include in an e-mail or fax:
  • Organisation Name
  • Organisation Address
  • Organisation Point of Contact
  • Point of Contact Details (phone, e-mail address)
For international media the above should be sent by email to Lauren Pritchard. The Accreditation Program will hold your details on file and will review with the appropriate CGA prior to forwarding Applications. Please note that the submission of an Expression of Interest does not in itself guarantee Accreditation.

For Australian media we are currently directing requests for media accreditation through to the Australian Commonwealth Games Association (ACGA). Please email the ACGA your request.

Whilst the ACGA will be collecting expressions of interest for accreditations for all Australian media, the ACGA at the appropriate time will liaise with Melbourne 2006 and the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) to determine what accreditations are available. Once this is determined, your organisation will be contacted by the Organising Committee to commence the application process.

The Accreditation Program will hold your details on file and will review with the appropriate CGA prior to forwarding Applications. Please note that the submission of an Expression of Interest does not in itself guarantee Accreditation.

Application for Accreditation (AFA’s)

Each category of Media Accreditation, ie. E - Journalist, Es – Sport-specific Journalist, EP - Photographer, EPs – Sport-specific Photographer, ET - Technician, Ec – Support Personnel and ENR – Non-rights Holding Media, has its own Application for Accreditation and a series of unique registration numbers applicable to that category.

Applications for Accreditation can be completed either manually or electronically and details of the electronic solution will be made available at a later date.

Liaison Officer

M2006 Accreditation Program will dedicate a liaison officer for each Responsible Organisation. Similarly, each Responsible Organisation will be required to appoint one dedicated person to interface directly with the Accreditation Liaison Officer.

The liaison officer will actively assist the Responsible Organisation in regards to completing the Applications for Accreditation and distribution of Accreditation Passes.

Key Dates

A list of key dates pertaining to Accreditation for Media categories are:

Activity Date
Expressions of Interest from Responsible Organisations (RO’s) received ongoing
Media Applications for Accreditation forwarded to approved RO’s 10 June 2005
Communication between RO’s and M2006’s Liaison Officers ongoing
Deadline for return of completed Application forms 7 October 2005
Media Accreditation Centre opens 1 March 2006

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The Main Press Centre will be the Media head quarters for the Commonwealth Games and will be situated in the Melbourne Exhibition Centre on the banks of the Yarra River on the edge of the Melbourne Central Business District. The Main Press Centre will encompass over 5,000 square metres of the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, the second largest building in the Southern Hemisphere, which will also have three sporting competitions for the Commonwealth Games, Badminton, Boxing and Weightlifting. The Main Press Centre will operate from 5 March until 29 March with the hours of operation still to be determined.

The Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games Corporation (M2006) is committed to providing efficient and comfortable work space across all venues for the exclusive use of the accredited media. Within the Main Press Centre, Media and Press will have access to facilities such as a Business Centre where you will be able to fax (user pay) and photocopy, printed results, lockers, travel and tourism information and our Media lounge and bar.

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To assist us with planning of the Main Press Centre we are asking for expressions of interest for the uptake of Private Office Space in the Main Press Centre. The offices will be a rate card item in modules of 20m2.

To register an Expression of Interest, email Michelle Simmons advising the anticipated number of offices you may require.

Please note that this is not an order or guarantee that office space will be available as you will need to formally request this space through the Rate Card order form available from 1 April 2005.

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The provision of dedicated photo work areas in close proximity to the field of play to allow for the speedy transmission of photographs from competition sites is planned.

Photo positions are currently being identified in all competition venues to ensure that photographers will have the best possible working environment.

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The Rate Card process will be managed by the M2006 Procurement department to ensure a high level of service is provided.

The Rate Card Catalogue will be issued on 1 April 2005. The catalogue will list the products and services available for rent, or purchase including consumables, during the Games and will also be a comprehensive guide of the M2006 Procurement department’s policies and procedures for ordering electronically and manually, and conditions associated with rate card.

Ordering of Rate Card items will commence in April 2005 and will require payment of 50% of the total order at the time of placing the ordering. No further orders will be take after 14 October 2005 and the final 50% payment will be due 18 November 2005. No orders will be place with our suppliers until the final payment is received.

The Rate Card Services Team encourages you to respond quickly to book your office space within the MPC for your preferred location.

For further information on Rate Card email the Rate Card Services Team.

Activity Date
Preliminary Rate Card Catalogue issued 1 April 2005
Ordering commences April 2005
50% payment of total order due At time of ordering
Closing date of ordering items 14 October 2005
Final 50% payment 18 November 2005

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Wireless Networks

At this stage of planning, Melbourne 2006 is not providing general use Wireless LAN (WLAN) hotspots to any Venues, including the Main Press Centre, allowing access to the internet.

Private Wireless Networks

Private Wireless LANs may be installed and utilised by accredited media at M2006 venues if desired, subject to the following conditions:
  • Customers who wish to install Wireless LAN are requested to submit detailed proposals of the proposed works to M2006 at least four (4) months prior to the Games for review and approval by M2006.
  • Wireless LAN must only be used for private purposes only and will not connect to any Games network services.
  • The installation of any private Wireless LAN must be in accordance with the standards established by the Australian Communications Authority.
M2006 will not be responsible for the installation or operation of any private Wireless LAN installed.

For more information on the Australian regulations involved regarding Wireless LAN please refer to the Australian Communications and Media Authority website.

M2006 reminds potential private Wireless LAN users of the inherent risks involved regarding security and network performance and M2006 is not able to guarantee any levels of service or provide any implementation or maintenance assistance.

ATA Carnet

The ATA Carnet is an international customs document that permits duty-free temporary import of goods for up to one year. The initials 'ATA' are an acronym of the French and English words 'Admission Temporaire/Temporary Admission'.

The ATA Carnet operates under international Customs conventions administered by the World Customs Organisation (WCO) and is managed by the World ATA Carnet Council in co-operation with WCO.

A Carnet disposes of the need for raising bonds or depositing duty at Customs posts in different countries. The Carnet contains the appropriate Customs clearance documentation, and this method generally is preferred by Customs Authorities.

For further information on the ATA Carnet system, please view the ATA Carnet Explanatory Note. When registering online please ensure that the security required by VECCI is paid at the time of pick-up of the carnet.

For further information please contact
Sabina Riego
Carnet Officer
Tel: 61 3 8662 5380
Fax: 61 3 8662 5201
Email Sabina Riego.

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Melbourne 2006 will be providing a reliable and efficient transport service to all accredited Media during the Games Period. Official Media bus services include travel between
  • official media hotel stops and the Main Press Centre
  • the Main Press Centre and competition venues, including regional venues
  • the Main Press Centre and the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.
The Media Transport Mall will be located adjacent to the Main Press Centre. Bus services will commence in line with Main Press Centre operational dates with a timetable available at the Main Press Centre help desk.

Accredited Media will be entitled to use the public transport system free of charge, including trains, buses and trams.

Parking and vehicle access may be available at the Main Press Centre and some competition venues, however this will subject to further review based on demand and available space and will form part of the Rate Card process.

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Competition venues for M2006 will each have a Venue Media Centre to cater for the anticipated 1500 accredited written and photographic press covering the Games.

Each Venue Media Centre will provide the facilities and services necessary to enable the journalists and photographers to work in a comfortable and professional working environment.

The Venue Media Centres will be staffed by media and event professionals, ably assisted by a team of volunteers, who will undergo an extensive training program prior to the Games.

The key work areas of each Venue Media Centre include a media and photo work area, seating within the press tribune, photo positions with a clear view of the field of play, a mixed zone for athlete quotes and a media conference room.

The capacity of the Venue Media Centres will vary according to the size of the venue.

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See the Melbourne 2006 Media Services Operational Arrangements - Useful Information document, and subsequent monthly Operational Arrangements updates, for detailed useful information,


Marketing & Communications

Charmaine Dobson
General Manager, Marketing and Communications

Judy Goldman
Group Manager, Publicity and Media Issues

Michelle Coffey
Program Manager, Public Relations and Publicity
Email Michelle Coffey.

Media Services

Michelle Bartlett
Program Manager, Media Services
Email Michelle Bartlett.

Michelle Simmons
Program Coordinator, Media Services
Email Michelle Simmons.

Media Accreditation

Lauren Pritchard
Program Coordinator, Accreditation
Email Lauren Pritchard.

If there are any items of particular interest that you would like to see in this monthly update or for further information, please email Rebecca Kingshott.

We look forward to welcoming you to Australia, to cover the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games.

The information obtained in this update is true and correct as at the date of publishing on 1 March 2005.

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