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Official Headlines and Countdown Clock Website Syndication


Official Headlines size 160x400. Countdown Clock size 160x90.

To special friends of the Games we are offering these free, simple to install and continually updated headline feeds and countdown clocks for inclusion on your Website and Intranet.

These feeds can be tailored to your region, so your audience and colleagues will be up-to-date with all the latest local and international Games news and ticketing information.

View some examples of our syndication offer at work:

Official Headlines: Links to Melbourne 2006, the top five headlines from 'In the News', the countdown clock, a link to the Queen's Baton Relay and regional ticketing information.

  • Commonwealth Games Association of Canada

Countdown Clock (offer limited to low-trafficked sites): Links to Melbourne 2006 and the countdown clock.

  • Executive Worldwide Travel Management (Canada)

The Countdown Clock is a limited offer to specialised and low-trafficked sites on a case-by-case basis. Its delivery will be discussed with you upon application.


To access the syndication package to display your support for the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games, simply email the Brand Approvals team with the following information:
  • Syndication offer requested: Official Headlines or Countdown Clock.
  • Name and URL (address) of the Website/Intranet syndication package is to be featured on
  • Number of users of the Website/Intranet that the syndication package will be hosted on
  • Peak number of expected page views per day of the page containing the syndication package
  • Contact details of the Website manager and your IT infrastructure contact
Once you have submitted this information you will receive an email confirming your eligibility for the syndication, and if successful, instructions on how to receive the syndication from Melbourne 2006.

Many organisations are currently authorised for various usages of the Melbourne 2006 indicia or images, and thus may already be eligible to use the syndication offer. Please view the Register of Authorised Users to see if your organisation is already eligible for the offer.

Note that requests that conflict with the rights of our Sponsor Family will not be eligible for this offer.

This syndication offer is selectively available to our Games Family and friends of the Games, and is governed by regulation and legislation. For more information on the use of the Games indicia or images, please view our Intellectual Property section.

Technical details

The Official Headlines syndication offer is delivered via an FTP feed and updated several times daily with the latest countdown number and Games news headlines. This ensures there is minimal load on the Melbourne 2006 servers at Games time, and that your site is not reliant on information served from an external site.

The Countdown Clock is a limited offer to specialised and low-trafficked sites on a case-by-case basis. It's delivery will be discussed with you upon application.

Please stipulate which offer you require in your application email.

If your application is successful, you will be emailed details about how to receive the files required and how to embed the syndicated information into your Web pages.

Apply now

To apply for the Melbourne 2006 syndication package, please email the Brand Approvals team with the information required, as above. The Brand Approvals team will endeavour to respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.
This Website is closed and for reference purposes only. To guarantee the stability of Games data, all external links are being removed.

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Fireworks at the MCG at the closing of Melbourne 2006.
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Experience Melbourne.
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