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Karak Junior

Karak and Karak JuniorThe Official Mascot of the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games, Karak, has a new addition to the family. Karak's younger cousin, Karak Junior, was born at Victoria's Healesville Sanctuary on 26 March 2004.

Karak Junior, who is a Red-tailed Black Cockatoo, is the first such bird successfully bred at Healesville in more than a decade.

Coincidentally, Karak Junior's birthday is the same date as the Closing Ceremony of the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games.

Commonwealth Games Minister Justin Madden and his family celebrated Father's Day, Sunday 5 September, at Healesville with Karak and his little cousin, both of whom will now spend their time promoting the Games, and spreading the word about the importance of preserving old growth trees for nesting and feeding.

For more information visit the Healesville Sanctuary website.
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