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Skaters light up the ‘G

16 Mar 06 01:11
 Games Ceremony performers certainly lit up the MCG in more ways than one.

Games Ceremony performers
certainly lit up the MCG in more
ways than one.

Skating around with a pyrotechnic pack attached wasn’t something any of these teens expected when they replied to an email late last year looking for inline skaters, but the members of last night’s stunning finale to the Opening Ceremony all agree it’s the biggest buzz they’ve ever had.

Michelle Lamblin, Christine Theophilos, Christine Schillerand and Bec Collie were part of the pyrotechnics display which surrounded Delta Goodrem during her performance of ‘Together we are one.’

“We thought it would be something boring,” laughed Michelle. That was before she and her fellow skaters turned up to their first briefing, and their jaws dropped. After safety and pyrotechnic training, it was time to climb into their ‘rocket’ packs.

“It’s so exciting – there’s a serious buzz,” said Christine Schiller. “But it was a little scary the first time.”

None of the girls realised how loud or smoky the pyrotechnics would be, but once they knew they were wearing fireproof uniforms and had complete control of the pyrotechnic trigger, they felt very confident.

“The applause made it all worthwhile. It was the biggest adrenaline buzz in the world!”

Behind the scenes, or in this case, under them, was another key part of last night’s Ceremony. They call themselves ‘Team Troll’ and without them, the show would have had no lights or music. They are the Assistant Stage Managers, and Mathew Klock, Wayne Garne and Amy Groves have been hard at work since January, making sure both the Opening and Closing Ceremonies run like clockwork.

“We’ve had a great team leader who’s told us to work hard but have fun, so that’s what we did,” Wayne said.

They all agreed the best part of the opportunity was the chance to work on the hallowed turf of the MCG, even if they weren’t an obvious part of the show.

“The atmosphere…was electric – we feed off the kids’ energy and they’re so excited,” Mathew said. “They kept our spirits up during the long shifts and we couldn’t help but get excited.”

One of the biggest challenges they had was keeping everything confidential, but they quickly learned strategies to cope.

“The standard line was ‘I cannot confirm or deny anything’ but we had little code words for everything,” Amy said, “But they changed everyday, so we had to keep up.”

And the biggest thrill? “Knowing that we had a part in putting this awesome show together!”

- United Workforce Newspaper

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