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Intellectual Property - Indicia and Images

One of the most valuable assets of the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games is the intellectual property associated with our visual identity. The visual identity is an extremely important tool in differentiating us from other sporting and cultural events, and provides positive associations for all those who come in contact with us. It is made up of many elements. When carefully integrated these elements provide a look, feel and tone of voice for our communications which influence perceptions, opinions and expectations.

The intellectual property associated with our visual identity consists of two significant parts: ‘indicia’ (words and references) and ‘images’ (logos, designs and other artwork).

The ‘indicia’ include the official words and references associated with the Games, such as ‘Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games’, ‘Commonwealth Games’, ‘M2006’, ‘Australian Commonwealth Games Team’, ‘United by the Moment’, and ‘Queen’s Baton Relay’.

The ‘images’ include the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games brandmark, the mascot Karak, and the Games sporting pictograms.

The indicia and images of the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games are specifically protected under the Commonwealth Games Arrangements Act 2001 (Vic) and Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games (Indicia and Images) Protection Act 2005 (Cth). They are also protected under trade mark law, design law, copyright law and consumer protection law.

In order to protect the value and integrity of the visual identity and the intellectual property of the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games, any person or organisation wishing to reproduce Commonwealth Games indicia or images must obtain prior approval from the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games Corporation.

A Register of Authorised Users is maintained by the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games Corporation

If Commonwealth Games indicia or images are used without authorisation, any messages or advertisements may have to be retracted, the goods or materials may be confiscated and offenders may be prosecuted and fined.

For more information about the protection of Commonwealth Games intellectual property see the Intellectual Property Fact Sheet.

If you wish to seek authorisation to use Commonwealth Games intellectual property, please complete the Application to use Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games Intellectual Property and return to:

Brand Approvals Co-ordinator
Marketing and Communications Department
Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games
Locked Bag 2006
South Melbourne VIC 3205
Email Brand Approvals.

Accessibility logoIf you require this form in an alternative format such as braille, large print or audio, please call our Customer Service centre on 1300 00 2006.

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