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Smoke-Free Policy

      Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games Corporation (M2006) in consultation with the Department of Human Services and the Department for Victorian Communities, Office of Commonwealth Games Coordination (OCGC) has developed this Competition Venues & Village Smoke-Free Policy for the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games (the Games).  This policy is consistent with the protocols set by the Commonwealth Games Federation for the conduct of the Games.


      In developing this policy, M2006 and the Victorian Government recognise the harmful effects of passive smoke.  We are committed to protecting the health and well being of all people involved with the Games.


      The policy is designed to ensure that all Games competition venues and the Games Village are smoke-free, creating a healthy and enjoyable environment for all.




      Smoking is the single largest preventable cause of premature death and disease in Australia. It remains the risk factor associated with the greatest disease burden in Australia increasing the risk of coronary heart disease, stroke and peripheral vascular disease as well as a range of cancers and other diseases.


      Community support for smoke-free venues is at an all time high in Victoria and has in part prompted the latest tobacco reforms that will be implemented by the Victorian Government in March 2006.


      Implementing the Competition Venues & Village Smoke-Free Games Policy will meet community expectations for smoke-free venues and environments.  In doing so, it will also provide a positive marketing strategy to increase attendance at the Games, particularly by families.


      There are already smoking bans in place at many of the Games venues, for example the MCG. This policy will ensure consistency across venues by implementing smoking bans to include all remaining confined areas where there is a public risk of people being exposed to the harmful effects of passive smoke. 

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      Policy Statement


      The Victorian Government and M2006 recognise the serious health effects of passive smoking and are committed to protecting the health and well being of all people involved with the Games and to promoting a healthy smoke-free lifestyle. We also recognise that there is a high level of community expectation and support for smoke free environments.


      Therefore, this Competition Venues & Village Smoke-Free Policy has been designed to help protect all people involved with the Games from the harmful effects of passive smoke, to promote smoke-free lifestyles particularly among youth and to meet community expectations for smoke-free environments.


      This means that for the duration of the Games, smoking will not be permitted at Games venues, the Games Village, restricted competition and training areas, media, press and production areas, Games transport vehicles, administration and office areas; and at official Games functions. In addition, no tobacco product can be sold, advertised or promoted within any Games venue. 


      This policy will apply to all people involved with the Games including patrons, Workforce, volunteers, athletes, officials and Games representatives. 


      This policy also supports a number of tobacco related legislative reforms introduced in Victoria in recent years. Further reforms are being introduced in Victoria on 1 March 2006 to coincide with the commencement of the Games.


      A smoke-free enforcement protocol will operate during the Games to assist Games staff, volunteers, officials and representatives to ensure high compliance with the Competition Venues & Village Smoke-Free Policy. Games staff and volunteers will be provided with training devoted to the Competition Venues & Village Smoke-Free Policy and its enforcement.


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      Policy Aims and Outcomes




      The aims of this policy are to:

      1.         Decrease exposure to harms of passive smoking;

      2.         Promote a healthy lifestyle and environment that is smoke-free, particularly among youth;

      3.         Provide a positive marketing strategy for Games attendance; and

      4.         Increase community support for the Victorian Government tobacco reforms.



      The Competition Venues & Village Smoke-Free Policy provides a range of positive outcomes for all people involved with the Games and the environment. These include:

      1. Significantly reducing exposure to passive smoke at Games venues
      2. Assisting to create a safe, healthy and friendly environment at all Games venues that is inline with community expectations;
      3. Minimising the exposure of youth to social situations where smoking occurs;
      4. Reducing the costs of cleaning and the risk of fires;
      5. Minimising the risk of tobacco-related litigation;
      6. Increased attendance by families and others who expect a smoke-free environment;
      7. Supporting the pursuit of health and fitness, providing inspiration for youth to strive for excellence;
      8. Emphasising that sport, health and freedom from exposure to tobacco smoke belong together;

      Increasing community awareness and support for the Victorian Government’s tobacco reforms, in particular smoke-free environments;
      Increasing awareness of the harmful effects of tobacco use;

      Showcasing Victoria and Australia in the international arena in a positive manner.


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      Legislative Framework


      The legislative framework for laws relating to tobacco products and smoking in Victoria is governed by the Tobacco Act 1987. Over the past four years, a number of reforms have been implemented to address the serious issues associated with smoking. Reforms addressing exposure to passive smoke have been introduced. These include the introduction of smoke-free dining laws (1 July 2001); smoke-free shopping centre laws (1 November 2001); and smoking restrictions in licensed premises, gaming and bingo venues, and the Casino (1 September 2002). Reforms addressing youth smoking have included increasing the penalties for selling cigarettes to minors (November 2000) and restricting tobacco advertising and displays within tobacco retail outlets (July 2001 through to January 2002).


      Further tobacco reforms will be effective in Victoria from 1 March 2006 to coincide with the commencement of the Games. These include:


                 Smoking bans in enclosed workplaces;

                 Smoking bans at underage ‘music/dance’ events;

                 Smoking bans in covered areas of train station platforms, tram stops and bus stops;

                 Bans on buzz marketing and non-branded tobacco advertising;

                 Stronger laws to enforce the ban on cigarette sales to young people; and


      All reforms under the Tobacco Act 1987 apply generally throughout Victoria and will apply to all Games venues during the Games period. Further information about the reforms is located at


      The Occupational Health and Safety Act 1984 also stipulates that employees and working volunteers must have a safe environment to work in. National Occupational Health and Safety Commission guidelines also recommend that exposure to passive smoke should be excluded in all Australian Workplaces.


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      This Competition Venues & Village Smoke-Free Policy will apply:

      1. at all Games Competition Venues other than the Village from the date accreditation is required for entry to the venue to 26 March 2006; and
      2. at the Games Village, from 28 February to 29 March 2006.

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      Smoke-Free Areas


      For the duration of the Games, smoking will not be permitted other than in designated outdoor smoking areas at Games Venues and the Games Village which will be provided where practicable.


      “Games Venues” includes all areas for which accreditation or a ticket is required for entry including sporting and non-sporting venues (other than the Games Village).


      The following will be smoke-free areas:


      Games Venues including all:


      • enclosed Games facilities, amenities and places of public access;
      • seating areas, circulation, thoroughfares and queuing areas;
      • bars, restaurants, cafés and dining areas;
      • outdoor areas within Games venues that are not designated smoking areas; and


      The Games Village including all:


      • bedrooms;
      • living quarters;
      • catering and dining areas; and
      • other indoor and outdoor areas.


      Due to the risk of fire, the State Mountain Bike Course (Lysterfield Park), will be entirely smoke-free at all times.

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      Games Workforce


      All members of the Games Workforce are discouraged from smoking in any public area while in Games uniform.


      Subject to existing policies at Games venues, there may be designated outdoor smoking areas for Games Workforce at Games Venues.  Where practicable, any designated outdoor smoking area will be out of view of Games patrons.


      Sale and Promotion of Tobacco Products


      No tobacco product can be sold, advertised or promoted within any Games Venue.

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      Enforcement Protocol


      Games staff will be briefed on how to deal with smokers in a discrete manner. It is generally expected that the Competition Venues & Village Smoke-Free Policy will be adhered to. However most infringements would involve smoking in smoke-free areas. These incidents will generally be handled by staff who will politely remind the individual of the Competition Venues & Village Smoke-Free Policy and direct them to the nearest designated smoking area.


      The following enforcement protocol has been developed to assist Games staff, to ensure high compliance with the Competition Venues & Village Smoke-Free Policy. The protocol involves a four-step process that includes the following:


      1. Assume that the person is unaware of the Smoke-Free Policy.
      2. A Games staff member will approach the person breaching the policy and politely remind them about the Smoke-Free Policy and direct them outside the smoke-free area if they wish to continue smoking.
      3. If the offending person then continues to smoke in the smoke-free area, the offending person will be escorted out of the venue by Games security staff and/or the police. 
      4. Under no circumstances should the Smoke-Free Policy be breached.

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      M2006 will provide training for Games Workforce on a wide range of issues. Application of the Competition Venues & Village Smoke-Free Policy and its enforcement will be included in this material.


      Notification of this Competition Venues & Village Smoke-Free Policy


      It is a condition of attendance at Games venues that ticket holders not smoke in areas within a venue nominated by M2006 as no-smoking.


      M2006 will post this Competition Venues & Village Smoke-Free Policy on its website at


      M2006 will use existing venue signage and Games specific signage as appropriate to indicate smoke-free areas at Games Venues.


      M2006 will consider any proposal by appropriate third parties seeking to leverage or promote this Competition Venues & Village Smoke-Free Policy through sponsorship or placement of advertising in Games publications.




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