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Nagaa – Borana Relocation

Nagaa – Borana Relocation(nagaa – peace, happiness, safety, health)

The Borana people of Northern Kenya are pastoralists moving from one location to another, with their cattle, depending on water and season. Borana women weave the portable grass huts, which are transported between locations.

Due to increasing urbanisation and agriculture the traditional homelands are dwindling and the Borana suffer increasing homelessness, like many other traditional cultures and lifestyles. Soon there will be no land on which to place their huts, no land to tend their cattle, no place for their culture.

Nagaa will relocate some of the Borana's temporary huts to prominent and significant sites, such as the Bendigo Art Gallery, Ballarat Fine Art Gallery, the waterfront in Geelong and the Sculpture Garden at NGV International on St Kilda Road.

The relocation is profoundly symbolic, using a craft and cultural tradition to draw attention to the plight of the Borana, and similar communities around the world.

Date: 14 March
Location: Geelong Art Gallery

Date: 15 March
Location: Bendigo Art Gallery

Date: 16 March
Location: Ballarat Fine Art Gallery

Date: 17 - 18 March
Time: 11:00am-2:00pm
Location: Sculpture Garden, NGV International, St Kilda Road, Arts Centre

Image: Borana huts, Moyale, Kenya. Photo by Qabale Jirma
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