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Judith Lanigan - Miss Judy

Miss Judy - Judith LaniganFrom Australia

"Extraordinario, magnetico" El Pais Spain

Miss Judy, circus comedienne, hula-hoopist and clown, presents her new show full of contortion, magic, feats of balance and manipulation and of course hula-hoop stunts. Miss Judy knows how to get herself into - and hopefully out of - some very difficult situations!

Specialist in the art of 'blamage pour gage' (stupidity for cash), Miss Judy has studied hula-hoops in Russia, Magic for Clowns in Spain, and various circus arts in Australia.

Date: 18 March
Location: Geelong

Date: 19 March
Time: 3:15pm
Location: Alexandra Gardens, Palm Stage

Date: 19 March
Time: 7:30pm
Date: 22 March
Time: 6:30pm & 9:15pm
Date: 25 March
Time: 7:00pm
Location: Aerial Rig, Alexandra Gardens

Date: 20 March
Time: 3:15pm & 7:15pm
Date: 23 - 24 March
Time: 6:30pm
Location: Federation Square, Amphitheatre
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