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IcarusFrom Australia

One of Australia's premier stilt walking companies with its unique brand of stilt acrobatics and dance.

Beach Patrol
Swim outside the flags at your own peril!

Sharks beware! These bronzed heroes of surf and sand are on patrol and eager to prove they're ready to rescue. Marvel at their mouth-to-mouth! Be dazzled by their daring drills! Heroic? Certainly. Posers? Definitely! You'll need CPR when these moustachioed musclemen bare their biceps while diverting danger.

Date: 22 & 25 March
Location: The Beach at the Arts Centre

Always Roo'd, but never offensive!

A favourite at festivals around the world, these phenomenal giant bouncing kangaroos can jump up to a metre off the ground and span two metres in a single bound! A crossover of outback macho and inner-city punk savvy, this trio of long-jump medal contenders will be springing into action for the Games.

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Date: 16 March
Location: Alexandra Gardens

Date: 19 March
Location: City Square, CBD

Date: 17, 21 & 23 March
Location: Birrarung Marr

Date: 18 March
Location: Geelong

Date: 24 March
Location: Moe
Festival Calendar
Ellis and Bheki
15-26 March 2006

  • Festival events pre-Games.
  • Festival events post-Games.

    Over 2,500 performing artists will stage Australia's largest ever free cultural festival during the Games.
    Learn more about the festival.
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    See you at Delhi 2010
    Fireworks at the MCG at the closing of Melbourne 2006.
    After eleven fun packed days, Melbourne 2006 is now over and all thoughts turn to the next Games - Delhi 2010. Nameste! See you in Delhi 2010! Swagatam!
    Revisit the Incredible India Closing Ceremony gallery.
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