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Dizzying Heights of the Aerial Rig



January 2006

Festival Melbourne2006 – FREE PERFORMANCES
Dizzying heights of the Aerial Rig

High up in the sky, scaling above Alexandra Gardens, a specially constructed aerial rig will erupt with some of the best aerial performers from Australia and around the Commonwealth, as part of Festival Melbourne2006, the cultural festival of the Commonwealth Games.

The flight of the titans, Fly By Night (Australia)
Australia’s elite athletes of the air sneer at danger as they take to the skies over the Alexandra Gardens in this high-voltage all-star jet-propelled kamikaze cabaret.  Fly By Night is all air, no net.  With the gravity-defying Joel Salom with his high-flying juggling act plus special acrobatic guest, Erik the Daredevil Dog; Stephen Williams and Ben Lewis with All Strapped Up, their tour-de-force on the Chinese straps; Emma Aitchison, elegant aerialist and contortionist extraordinaire; Rodleigh Stevens and Maddy Bisby with Corporate Yo-Yo, a stealth attack by double bungee on corporate values; and funky live music from Michael Lira and Bat Attack.
At the Outdoor Rig from 22-25 March at 8.15pm & 10.15pm, March 26 at 7pm.

Shenzo Swing (Australia)
Aerial anarchy erupts when three of Australia’s finest aerial acts - Shenzo’s Electric Stunt Orchestra, Dislocate and Misha Reale - get airborne together for the first time in Shenzo Swing. Evel Knievel meets James Bond when Dislocate performs its Bond-esque aerial routine, Mission Improbable, to the live funked-up fusion music of Shenzo’s Electric Stunt Orchestra.  Complete with feisty female spies, death defying drops and a romantic interlude.  Queen of the Cloudswing, Misha Reale, joins the overhead fray with her aerial magic. With all madly competing for body room ten metres above the ground, Shenzo Swing is a manic and multidimensional aerial extravaganza. 
At the Outdoor Rig from 16-20 March at 8.15pm and 10.15pm.  World premiere.

Voices by UpSwing (England)
A poignant duet 10 metres above the ground take its inspiration from an anthology of African proverbs and explores themes of parental love and letting go. With unique and breathtaking skill, UpSwing’s aerial performance movingly dramatises an African woman’s quest to pass on her culture to her daughter growing up in a new world. Profound, lyrical and tender, full of warmth and humour.

Using aerial skills as its starting point, London-based Upswing creates stunning visual theatre that connect with universal states and emotions, creating non-narrative dramatic choreography. 
At the Outdoor Rig from 16-17 March at 7.30pm & 9.30pm; 18-19 March at 9.15pm; and 20 March at 7.30pm & 9.30pm.

Aerial Training
Dreamt of running away and joining the circus?  Before you do, have a sneak preview of an Aerial Training session and find out what you could be in for.

This is a special behind the scenes look at an acrobatic training session with The Flying Fruit Fly Circus, the National Institute of Circus Arts and the Flee Circus' aerial training session.

NICA Training:  16 March 2-4pm; 17 March 3.00-5.00pm; 18, 23, 24 March 1-3pm; and 21, 22, 25 March 3.30-5.30pm.
Flying Fruit Fly Circus Training:  16, 19, 20 March 4.30-6.30pm.
Upswing Public Workshop:  18 March 4.00-6.00pm; and 19 March 2.00-4.00pm.
Flee Circus Training:  21, 22, & 25 March 1.00 – 3.00pm; and 23 – 24 March 4.00-6.00pm.

Festival Melbourne2006 – Wednesday 15 to Sunday 26 March, 2006

Festival Melbourne2006 celebrates the breadth of culture and art from across the nations of the Commonwealth. The Festival is an integral part of the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games, and it is proudly funded and supported by the Victorian and Australian Governments.

Katrina Hall 0421 153 046,                  
Magda Petkoff 0409 436 473,


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Festival Calendar
Ellis and Bheki
15-26 March 2006

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    Over 2,500 performing artists will stage Australia's largest ever free cultural festival during the Games.
    Learn more about the festival.
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    See you at Delhi 2010
    Fireworks at the MCG at the closing of Melbourne 2006.
    After eleven fun packed days, Melbourne 2006 is now over and all thoughts turn to the next Games - Delhi 2010. Nameste! See you in Delhi 2010! Swagatam!
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